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Jennie-sama's Anime Artwork

Well, I haven't been here lately since I have been working on my story site. I even erased my Esca-Yuugi page just because it became tiring and it was getting no real hits or reviews like my other site is. Sorry to those who were hoping to find Esca-Yuugi >.<

Hitomi and Van-sama

Naturally, you can place your favorite anime Fan Art here! Just make sure you label your drawings with the anime title in case I have no clue to what it is (heaven forbidden it) and your name and age. You want to be recognized for your art. Please, nothing too HENTAI!!! Young kids may view this page!

Reno Caspian, my own character!

You can place your own orginal characters here, too. My original characters are to be used in Fan Fics and other stories that I create. If you want to place characters here that are from your Fan Fics please feel free to.


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